13 Resolutions For Life

These are original with Benjamin Franklin

1. Resolved: I resolve to discover my God-given purpose. I know that when my potential, passions, and profits intersect, my purpose is revealed.
2. Resolved: I resolve to choose character over reputation anytime they conflict. I know that my character is who I am and my reputation is only what others say that I am.
3. Resolved: I resolve to have an attitude of gratitude. I know that by listening to my Positive Voice and turning down my Negative Voice that I will own a positive attitude.
4. Resolved: I resolve to align my conscious (ant) with my subconscious (elephant) mind towards my vision. I know that ending the civil war between them is crucial for all achievement.
5. Resolved: I resolve to develop and implement a game plan in each area of my life. I know that planning and doing are essential parts of the success process.
6. Resolved: I resolve to keep score in the game of life. I know that the scoreboard forces me to check and confront the results, making the needed adjustments in order to win.
7. Resolved: I resolve to develop the art and science of friendship. I know that everyone needs a true friend to lighten the load when life gets heavy.
8. Resolved: I resolve to develop financial intelligence. I know that my wealth is compounded when incomes are higher than expenses over time.
9. Resolved: I resolve to develop the art and science of leadership. I know that everything rises and falls based upon the leadership culture created within my community.
10. Resolved: I resolve to develop the art and science of conflict resolution. I know that relationship bombs and unresolved conflict destroy a community’s unity and growth.
11. Resolved: I resolve to develop systems thinking. I know that by viewing life as interconnected patterns rather than isolated events I improve my leverage.
12. Resolved: I resolve to develop Adversity Quotient. I know that AQ leads to perseverance in overcoming obstacles and setbacks.
13. Resolved: I resolve to leave a legacy by fulfilling my purpose and vision through living the 13 Resolutions. I know that by reversing the current of decline, I provide an example for the next-generation of leaders.

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